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What to expect from Wildcast as a Creator and Podcaster

Welcome to Wildcast University! Are you a podcaster with burning questions about launching, creating, or growing your show? You’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive FAQ page is designed to empower you with the knowledge and insights you need to navigate every stage of your podcasting journey. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster seeking to optimize your workflow or a newbie brimming with ideas but unsure of the first step, Wildcast is here to guide you. Dive into our library of questions and answers below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if anything remains unclear. Let’s unleash the full potential of your podcast together!
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Is there a cost for podcasters?

There is no cost to register your podcast.

(Quite the opposite)

Wildcast works to get podcasters paid from kindred products and brands.

You can think of Wildcast as an additional sales arm for your show!

How do podcasters make money with Wildcast?

Wildcast connects creators with host-read ads from the world’s iconic technology brands. Podcasters get paid by Wildcast based on CPM.

  • CPM Rate (Cost per Mille): The standard pricing metric used in podcast advertising. CPM refers to the cost an advertiser pays to reach 1,000 listeners with their ad. Host-read ads typically command a higher CPM compared to pre-recorded ads.
  • CPM is determined by Relevancy to the ideal outcomes of the brand, the audience attributes of your show, and the number of listeners per month.

Wildcast allows podcasters to recommend their own CPM rate. 
Once the campaign is confirmed by the podcaster, the ad-creative is delivered and the term is set.

Wildcast campaigns typically begin with a three month therm.

Podcasters are paid monthly after listener reporting.

Podcast audience attributes, CPM, campaign confirmations, ad-creative, listener reporting, and payments are all organized seamlessly on Wildcast’s platform!

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What are host-read ads?

Wildcast helps you craft an appropriate message and powerful call to action!

  • A host-read podcast ad is a form of advertising in which the podcast host reads the advertisement directly into the podcast episode. This approach leverages the host’s established connection with their audience to create a more personal and engaging advertising experience.
    • Here’s a breakdown of the key characteristics of host-read podcast ads:
      • Delivery: The podcast host reads the ad script themself or improvises with the provided brand benefits and features, infusing their own personality and style into the message. This can feel more natural and conversational compared to a pre-recorded ad.
      • Integration: Host-read ads are typically woven into the flow of the podcast episode. The host might introduce the ad by mentioning their own experience with the product or service, creating a sense of trust and recommendation.
      • Customization: Advertisers often collaborate with podcasters to craft a script that aligns with the host’s voice and the show’s overall tone. This level of customization ensures the ad resonates with the target audience.
      • Benefits: Host-read ads offer several advantages, including:
        • Increased Trust: Listeners tend to have a higher level of trust in recommendations from podcast hosts they know and enjoy.
        • Enhanced Engagement: Because the host delivers the ad, it can feel less intrusive and more like a natural extension of the podcast content.
        • Targeted Audience: Advertisers can partner with podcasts that cater to their specific target demographic.
    • Here are some additional points to consider:
      • Host-read ads generally command a higher price point compared to pre-recorded ads due to the perceived value of leveraging the host’s credibility.
      • Some podcasters prefer pre-written scripts, while others allow for more collaboration with Wildcast in crafting the message.
      • Overall, host-read podcast ads are a powerful tool for advertisers seeking to connect with a highly engaged audience in a more personal and trustworthy way.

How long (time) are the ad-reads usually?

Wildcast spots are generally 30 – 60 seconds long and are either in the beginning of the episode or mid-roll.

Am I obligated to accept opportunities?

If/when you receive advertising opportunities, there is no obligation to accept them.

Do I need to change hosting providers?

You don’t need to change your podcast hosting company. Wildcast works within each podcast hosting platform.

Are there any audience minimums?

There are no audience minimums. However, some campaigns may include a minimum listener metric. Wildcast is committed to sustainable podcast listener growth so, whether you are are a brand new show or have millions of monthly listeners, Wildcast will provide resources to help you reach your goals.

Is there anything I can't say?

The call-to-action is required to be read verbatim. Unless specifically noted, the host is free to add anecdotal experience with the products. Outside of the ad-read, general content standards can be found here in the terms of service.

Who is a good candidate for Wildcast?

If you are looking to add revenue to your podcast but lack the time and energy to court sponsors, Wildcast was designed for you.

As a creator, once you register your show, Wildcast will follow up with specific instructions about how to optimize your profile.

Creators, register your profile here

As a creator, once you register your show, Wildcast will follow up with specific instructions about how to optimize your profile.

Creators, register your profile here

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