Revolutionizing SaaS Demand Generation:

The Power of Podcast Advertising for Tech Brands

In today's digital landscape, podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium for content consumption, allowing listeners to access a wealth of information on various topics at their convenience.

With the ability to download or stream episodes online, podcasts offer a flexible and engaging way to explore industry trends, expert insights, and personal experiences.

For tech brands looking to build and scale their customer base, podcast advertising presents a compelling opportunity to drive demand generation in the SaaS space . In this article, we’ll dive into the world of SaaS demand generation and explore how Wildcast’s platform can help tech brands leverage the power of host-read podcast advertising for effective lead generation, demand generation, and marketing.

Understanding Demand Generation in SaaS

Demand generation in the SaaS industry is a strategic approach focusing on creating interest and increasing demand for Software as a Service product [4]. It bridges marketing and sales teams, utilizing various marketing techniques and touchpoints throughout the marketing and sales cycles [4]. Due to the intangible nature of software products, building trust and educating potential customers is crucial for successful SaaS demand generation [4].

To create buzz around a product and expose it to the right customers, SaaS businesses must employ a combination of channels and strategies, such as [5]:

  1. Inbound marketing involves driving quality website traffic and inbound demo requests through content creation (blog posts, eBooks, webinars) and SEO.
  2. Outbound sales: Leveraging the CRM database to drive demand generation programs like email, direct mail, digital ads, and outbound sales.
  3. Account-based marketing: Targeting specific high-value accounts with personalized campaigns.
  4. Word of mouth: Encouraging customers to drive the best leads, as their recommendations are the most effective way to grow the demand generation engine.

The demand generation process creates and nurtures new opportunities for the sales team, allowing the company to predictably scale the number of opportunities sourced each month or quarter by increasing marketing spend [6]. Platforms like Wildcast can help tech brands leverage the power of host-read podcast advertising for effective lead generation, demand generation, and marketing. By targeting the right audience with engaging content and compelling calls to action, SaaS businesses can drive qualified traffic to their website or landing pages, convert anonymous traffic into known leads, and ultimately turn those leads into customers [7].

The Power of Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and engage with their target audience. With various ad formats such as pre-recorded ads, host-read sponsorships, and branded episodes or series, podcast advertising offers a versatile and effective way to promote products or services [3]. By incorporating podcast advertising into their marketing mix, brands can extend their reach beyond traditional media, capturing the attention of younger audiences increasingly retreating from radio and television [3].

One of the critical advantages of podcast advertising is its ability to build trust and credibility with listeners. According to a study, 63% of respondents consider podcast hosts trustworthy [3]. This trust factor, combined with the creative freedom afforded by the medium, allows brands to craft seamless and memorable ads that resonate with their target audience. Host-read ads, in particular, are responsible for generating 55% of podcast advertising revenue [10], demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach.

The podcast industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with over 4 million total podcasts registered worldwide [9]. This growth presents a significant opportunity for tech and SaaS brands looking to generate leads and drive demand for their products or services. By leveraging Wildcast’s platform, these brands can tap into the power of host-read podcast advertising to reach their target audience effectively. Wildcast offers a range of advertising options, including audio ads, host reads, endorsements, custom segments, branded series, and presenting sponsorships [11], allowing brands to choose the format that best suits their marketing goals. With the ability to track and measure the success of their campaigns through promo codes, vanity URLs, post-conversion surveys, and pixel-based attribution [11], tech and SaaS brands can optimize their podcast advertising efforts to maximize their return on investment.

Identifying Target Audiences & Crafting Messages

To effectively leverage podcast advertising for SaaS demand generation, it’s crucial to identify and understand your target audience. Start by defining your ideal customer, outlining their characteristics such as demographics, interests, and behaviors [17]. Conduct thorough market research to identify specific listeners to target and find podcasts that appeal to those listeners [20]. Consider location, gender, age range, and income level when choosing an audience [20]. For example, 66% of podcast listeners are aged 18 to 34, and 44% have a household income of $75,000 or more.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, look for podcasts that align with their interests and values [20]. Podcasts cater to niche audiences with specific interests, allowing brands to reach relevant consumers. For instance, “The SaaS Marketing Show” by Dylan Hey and Hey Digital targets SaaS marketers specifically, with actionable episode titles [16]. Similarly, First Page Strategy hosts “Remotely Cultured,” discussing growth marketing trends and remote work with marketing leaders and founders in the SaaS space [21].

When crafting your messaging, establish clear objectives for your podcast advertising campaign, such as building brand awareness or driving sales [18]. Be clear and concise in your messaging, keeping your messages short and sweet [22]. Choose a topic that resonates with your audience, such as SaaS trends for B2B SaaS companies [22]. Investigate the market landscape, understand listener needs, and analyze the latest trends [22]. Wildcast’s platform offers a range of advertising options, including audio ads, host reads, endorsements, custom segments, branded series, and presenting sponsorships [11], allowing tech and SaaS brands to effectively reach their target audience and generate leads through podcast advertising.

Strategies for Effective Podcast Advertising

To effectively leverage podcast advertising for SaaS demand generation, tech brands should:

  1. Determine goals and target audience: Define realistic budgets for ad placements, production, and additional costs associated with specific podcast platforms [18]. Identify your target audience based on listening habits by demographic and choose platforms that match their preferences and cater to particular niches [23].
  2. Create valuable content: Produce engaging and entertaining content focusing on specific topics or areas relevant to your audience [22]. Choose a format that reflects your audience’s preferences, such as serialized podcasts, Q&A podcasts, or tool reviews [22]. Leverage storytelling to create emotional connections and make your message memorable [24].
  3. Tailor ads and monitor performance: Tailor ads match the tone and style of the podcast [24]. Be clear and concise, and include compelling calls to action (CTAs) to encourage immediate action [24]. Regularly monitor and analyze campaign metrics to refine your approach and enhance effectiveness [19]. Consider podcast advertising rates, typically based on a cost per mile (CPM) of $25 for a 30-60 second ad per 1000 listeners, and let podcast hosts demo your product or service for a more organic ad read [27].
  4. Optimize for discoverability: Capture all three search mediums (written, audio, and video) to increase the likelihood of picking up impressions [16]. Create a LinkedIn Page for the show to generate additional followers and distribution channels [16]. Utilize social media platforms, reach out to influencers, and offer learning resources, discounts, and topic guidance to boost your SaaS lead generation success [22].
  5. Leverage podcast marketing tools: Use appropriate tools to boost your SaaS lead generation success [22]. The top nine podcast marketing tools include Audioburst, Headliner, Chartable, Descript, Podbean, Spreaker, Canva, Backtracks, and Castos [26]. These tools can help with content creation, distribution, and promotion, crucial aspects of podcast marketing [26].

By leveraging Wildcast’s platform, tech and SaaS brands can effectively reach their target audience and generate leads through podcast advertising. Wildcast offers a range of advertising options, including audio ads, host reads, endorsements, custom segments, branded series, and presenting sponsorships [11], allowing brands to choose the format that best suits their marketing goals and drive demand generation in the SaaS space.


Measuring Success and ROI

To effectively measure the success and ROI of your podcast advertising campaigns, consider implementing the following strategies:

  1. Self-reported attribution: Include a specific offer or promotion in your podcast ads and ask listeners to fill out a website form to redeem it. This allows you to track the number of leads or customers generated directly from the podcast [27].
  2. Tracking downloads and listens: Analyze the data to identify trends in audience engagement and adjust your podcast’s content or promotion strategies accordingly [27].
  3. Monitoring website traffic: Compare website traffic before and after the podcast’s launch to determine the podcast’s impact on driving visitors to your site. Use this information to refine your marketing strategies [27].
  4. Social media engagement: Track the number of social media shares, likes, and comments generated by each episode to identify which topics resonate most with your target audience [27].

When setting goals for your podcast advertising campaigns, consider objectives such as increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and driving sales [28]. Determine the metrics you’ll use to track and measure your podcast advertising ROI, which may include:

  • Impressions, reach, and engagement
  • Conversions, ad recall, and brand awareness
  • Listener demographics, website traffic, and social media activity
  • Sales and financial ROI [28]

To calculate the financial ROI of your podcast advertising efforts, subtract your expenses from the sales revenue generated and divide the result by the production time invested [29]. Additionally, measure your brand’s performance through metrics such as authority, brand awareness, brand sentiment, engagement, helpfulness, share of voice, unprompted brand recall, and voice of the customer [29].

By leveraging Wildcast’s platform for host-read podcast advertising, tech and SaaS brands can extend their reach, improve campaign effectiveness, and accurately measure ROI [3]. Wildcast provides the tools necessary to track impressions, downloads listens, clicks, conversions, and revenue, enabling businesses to evaluate the true impact of their podcast sponsorships and make data-driven decisions to optimize their demand generation strategies [25, 29].


In conclusion, podcast advertising has emerged as a powerful tool for SaaS demand generation, offering tech brands a unique opportunity to engage with their target audience and drive meaningful results. Businesses can craft compelling messages that resonate with listeners and inspire action by leveraging the trust and credibility built by podcast hosts. Wildcast’s platform empowers tech and SaaS brands to harness the full potential of host-read podcast advertising, providing a range of options and tools to create impactful campaigns that generate leads, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive growth.

To maximize the effectiveness of your podcast advertising efforts, it is essential to identify your target audience, craft tailored messages, and continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns. By embracing the power of podcast advertising and partnering with a platform like Wildcast, tech, and SaaS, brands can unlock new opportunities for demand generation and achieve their marketing goals. Contact to begin your campaign today and embark on a journey of growth and success in the world of SaaS marketing.



What strategies are employed to generate demand in SaaS?
Demand generation for SaaS companies typically involves creating and distributing educational content, such as blog posts, eBooks, and webinars. These materials aim to inform potential customers about the product’s features and advantages, thereby building trust and piquing interest, increasing the chances of converting prospects into paying customers.

How effective are advertisements on podcasts for tech brands?
Podcast advertisements have proven to be highly effective due to podcast audiences’ engagement. Listeners tend to remember ads more when integrated into the content they enjoy actively. According to the Nielsen Podcast Ad Effectiveness study, podcast ads boast a 71 percent aided recall rate, indicating that most listeners can remember the ads they hear during podcasts.