Your First Wildcast Ad Placement

A step by step guide to getting you paid

Are you ready to take your podcast to the next level?

This guide will walk you through the entire Wildcast ad placement process so you can start monetizing your podcast ASAP.

You've Accepted An Offer.... Now What?

Still trying to figure out if you should accept a certain offer? Check out What To Look for in a New Wildcast Opportunity . 

Once you’ve accepted, you’re off to the races!

You should see that the accepted opportunity has now moved to your “Submissions” Tab as a new outstanding task. This is where you’ll manage your job specific tasks from here on out.

In the Submissions Table, you’ll have access to key info on all your past and current Wildcast ad placements. Of these, three of the most important fields to consider are the ad type, ad content, and task deadline fields. Let’s go through each in detail below:


Ad Type

Host-read or pre-recorded. This lets you know what kind of ad placement is required to complete the job. Host-read ads require a little more, as the host will need to personally read the advertisement themselves. For pre-recorded placements, you’ll just need to insert an mp3 ad read directly into your podcast recording.


Ad Content

The ad content file is a pdf template that the advertiser has customized specifically for this job. This is where you’ll either find an ad script or a link to a pre recorded mp3 depending on the ad type. You’ll also find important information regarding product samples, free trials, promo codes, promotion links and more in this document.


Task Deadlines

The due date. It’s important to adhere to deadlines in order to ensure you receive payment for your ad placements. If you don’t feel you’ll be able to complete an advertising task before the deadline, be sure to reach out to Wildcast Support to let us know!

Two Types of Tasks

Link Submission Tasks

The first task you’ll see for each job is the link submission task. Simply put, you’ll complete this task but submitting the link to each episode you’ve placed the given advertisement on before the publishing deadline. 

You can place the ad on as many episodes of the offered podcast as you’d like, as long as the link is submitted before the publishing deadline. This will allow you to get as much of the offered job value as possible. Check out Calculating Your Payout for more info.

Keep in mind, you can only submit links once for each job, so make sure you don’t plan on running the add on additional episodes later!

Failure to submit episode links before the publishing deadline may result in the job opportunity being forfeited to another podcast.

Once you’ve submitted your episode links, you’ll see that the task will then change over to a reach confirmation task due 30 days later.


Reach Confirmation Tasks

The reach confirmation is the final step to completing your Wildcast ad placement. Similar to the reach documentation you submitted while registering your podcast, Wildcast requires you to submit documentation for each episode you place an advertisement on.

This allows the advertiser to receive the reach metrics for their ad placements and, in turn, allows you to get paid!

Start by gathering screenshots for each episode that adhere to the guidelines listed in our Reach Documentation Submissions article. Then head back over to your submissions page and use the actions on the right side of the table to submit your images.

Select and add all of the images you’d like to submit at once, it’s the best way to avoid issues. Submit and you’re done! You’ll get an email once Wildcast has reviewed your submission to go over payment info.

It’s important to submit your reach confirmation before the established deadline. You run the risk of losing payment for your ad placements if you don’t. If you feel like you won’t be able to submit your confirmation on time for whatever reason, please reach out to Wildcast Support!

Maximizing Reach

It’s in your best interest to maximize the time between your episodes being published and your reach confirmation being submitted. This gets you the maximum amount of listeners to increase your payout!

However, deadlines are deadlines, so don’t push it too far and miss your submission!

Wildcast Support is here throughout the process to help you complete your advertising tasks. Don’t hesitate to reach!

Let’s grow podcasting together.