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Submitting your show to podcatchers and aggregators is an effective way of increasing your visibility and getting more listeners. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how a podcast’s visibility can be improved through these services and provide tips on how to make the process smoother.

Why Podcatchers and Aggregators Matter

Podcatchers (or podcast directories) are platforms that allow listeners to discover, subscribe, and listen to podcasts. Popular examples include Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and RadioPublic. Aggregators are companies that help you upload your podcast episodes across different platforms – Acast being one of the biggest players in this space.

Submitting your podcast feed information (such as show description, images etc.) directly or through an aggregator increases its visibility within those directories. This helps new potential listeners find it easier when searching for content similar in topic or style. It also makes it easier for existing listeners who like your show to follow you no matter what platform they’re using.

Submitting your podcast feed information directly or through an aggregator increases its visibility and helps new listeners find it when searching for similar content.

How To Make The Process Smoother

Once you’ve decided which ones are right for you, the submission process should be fairly straightforward. To get started most directories require basic information such as title, category/genre of show, language spoken during recording etc. One thing many people forget about when submitting is providing episode cover art for every single episode – so make sure not to overlook this part! 

Finally before submitting all materials double-check everything once again – even contact info (for customer service purposes). Typos can be costly down the road if someone does need assistance and can’t reach out properly due to incorrect data provided initially.

Wrapping up

Submitting your podcast feed information directly or through an aggregator ensures greater visibility within those specific directories plus increases chances of being found by new potential listeners interested in the topics of your show. Having accurate data along with episode covers goes a long way here in giving off a professional vibe when someone finds your show. So put these tips into motion today for better results tomorrow – happy submitting!

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