What to Look For in a New Wildcast Opportunity

What you need to know before accepting an offer

Is this worth it? 

Do I have the time?

Do I have an episode ready?

These are all questions you’ll need to ask yourself before accepting a new Wildcast opportunity.

New Opportunities

The goal of Wildcast is to present you with as many chances as possible to monetize your show. Those chances will be presented to you through the “Opportunities” tab in your Podcaster Dashboard. You will also receive an email from noreply@gowildcast.com any time a new opportunity is presented to one of your registered podcasts.

Each opportunity will be different and unique to your podcast! Check out the section below to understand the aspects of each and what you should think about while making your decision to decline or accept.

Analyzing a job offer, what's what and how much?

Wildcast opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. Some advertisers might want a host-read ad, while some might want a pre-recorded read inserted. Some might provide promo codes for your audience while others wont. Some might even provide free samples to you as a host while others might not be able to.

Either way, each opportunity will come with the same set of information for you to access before declining or accepting. Let’s go each piece of information here to get you prepared to start reviewing offers yourself.

Let’s start by reviewing a sample job in the “Available Opportunities” section of the Opportunities Tab in the Podcaster Dashboard. 

Each record will contain information about an opportunity currently available for one of your podcasts. Keep in mind that side scrolling within the table will present more valuable information:

We’ll go over each field in detail so you are best prepared to assess each offer do decide what’s right for you! Starting from left to right:

Campaign Name – The name of the Campaign or job title and in purple – the name of the company the campaign was purchased by.

CPM(Podcast) – The CPM value for this specific opportunity and in purple – the name of the podcast this offer is designated for in your account.

Ad Type (Product) – The type of ad placement necessary t0 complete this job (either host-read or pre-recorded) and in purple – the name of the product or service being advertised.

Reach – The current estimated reach tier given to the podcast in this offer. 

Ad Content – A PDF description of the ad placement requirements, along with other pertinent information imperative to the successful completion of this campaign. Ad content PDFs are standardized by Wildcast Admins before being presented in podcasters’ available opportunities.

Relevancy – The relevancy of this ad placement to the reported attributes of your podcast audience.

Deadline – The publishing deadline for this campaign. This is the date that you will need to submit links to a published episode or episodes containing this ad placement.

Action – The action section contains two buttons allowing the podcaster to either accept or decline any specific ad placement opportunity.

Let’s go a little further in depth by diving into some key fields in further detail below:

The CPM(Podcast) and Reach Fields

Perhaps the most interesting field to many podcasters, the CPM(Podcast) field allows you to calculate the value of this specific opportunity.

Let’s start with the Podcast Name, which is presented in purple. Simply put, this marker helps you to identify which podcast the offer is for when you have multiple shows connected to the same account. Easy enough!

Now onto the CPM. In the example above, the offer is presenting a $21 CPM value. That means that this podcast can receive up $21 for every 1,000 listeners they present this advertisement to before the deadline UP UNTIL the maximum number of that show’s current estimated reach tier.

In this example, the estimated reach tier or “Reach” field is 5,000 – 10,000. This means that this offer carries a maximum payout of $210. For more information about payout calculations, be sure to check out the article below:

Calculating Your Payout

The Ad Content Field

The Ad Content Field provides a PDF file to the podcaster which contains a detailed description of the ad placement task at hand.

Wildcast provides a template for each advertiser to fill out depending on the ad type they select. This document will help you, the podcaster, to understand what exactly you need to say or do on your podcast to complete the ad placement requirements.

Ad content files may contain anything from specific talking points about the product to verbatim ad scripts and links to pre recorded ad mp3 files.

It’s important to review the ad content file before accepting the opportunity to ensure your podcast is capable of accommodating the request properly.

The Deadline Field and Action Section

Perhaps the first thing to consider when accepting or declining an opportunity is its publishing deadline. This is the date that you’ll need to have recorded, published and submitted the episodes containing your ad placement.

Jobs that fail to submit the links to published episodes before the publishing deadline risk forfeiting the opportunity.

For that reason, this is one of the most important aspects to consider before accepting an opportunity.

Do you have the time to publish at least one episode containing the advertisement before the deadline? Do you have multiple episodes prepped for recording and publishing before the deadline? Do you have the ability to complete the ad placement requirements before the deadline? If not, you may want to consider declining this specific offer. There will always be more opportunities later on!

You've decided you're going for it... Now what?

Congrats! You’ve got an ad placement opportunity that is right for you and you’ve accepted! Now how do you complete those tasks and get paid?

We’ve created another step by step guide that walks you through the process. Check it out below:

Your First Wildcast Opportunity