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Sincerely Yoli

Host: Yolanda De La Mora

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Welcome to Sincerely Yoli, where we talk about recognizing, enhancing and owning your greatness.

This podcast is for women struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, imposter syndrome and those wanting to accomplish a dream but are without direction. It’s also for women who have accomplished a lot personally and/or professionally but struggle with an internal critic that tells us we’re unqualified, especially when culture and society play a role.

Hear your daily dose of inspiration and direction. Gain clarity on topics like personal development, business strategy, relationships and spiritual practice.

Learn step-by-step how to transform into being the unshakable woman that you’ve always wanted to be, how to own your greatness and confidently share it with the world!

You’ve earned this sis, step into your greatness!

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Jul 7th, 2022


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