Promo Swaps

Are you a podcaster looking to expand your reach and grow your audience within the Business and Technology categories?

Wildcast has the perfect solution for you. 

We’re excited to launch our Promo Swap Program, designed to help podcasters like you cross-promote each other’s shows and boost your listener base through a simple and effective reach-for-reach model.

Here’s how it works: By partnering with fellow podcasters in our network, you’ll advertise each other’s podcasts based on your respective audience sizes. For example, if you have 100 listeners/month and your partner has 10 listeners per month, you’ll each do ad reads to match your reach goals. If the reach gola was 1,000 listeners, you would read their ad 10 times, and they would read your ad 100 times, ensuring both parties match their reach goals, tobenefit and grow together.

This program is specifically tailored for business and technology audiences, allowing you to connect with a listener that is highly relevant and engaged. By promoting each other’s shows, you’ll tap into new listeners who are already interested in your niche, accelerating your growth and enhancing your podcast’s visibility.

Join Wildcast’s Promo Swap Program today. It is free to join and free to participate. *Some terms may apply.

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