Welcome To Wildcast

A walk through guide for podcasters to begin leveraging the platform

So, you’ve got a podcast, and you’d like to start monetizing the hard work you’ve put into your production through paid ad placements.

This guide will walk you through the sign up process, give you a tour of your Wildcast Dashboard and supply you with all the resources you’ll need to successfully utilize the platform.

Start Here! - Get Signed Up

To begin the process, we’ll need to get you signed up on the platform. Use the link below to get your account set up:


You’ll need:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your email address.
  3. The name of your podcast.
  4. A password you’ll remember.


Looking for our Advertiser Sign Up Page? Click here.

Once you've verified your email address and signed in, you'll be dropped into a fresh podcaster account dashboard. Check out how to add your podcast below!

First Things First - Add Your Podcast(s)

Before we check out the rest of the dashboard, it’s important to get your podcast(s) registered in the system.

Head to the “My Podcasts” tab on the left side of your screen.

Click the big + button to add your first podcast to your Wildcast account. 

Here you’ll be prompted to add a variety of information about your show. It’s important to add this information as accurately as possible, as Wildcast will use it to match you with relevant advertising opportunities.

You’ll see that some fields are required to save your new podcast. Fill out the information as best you can, and remember that you can always come back and make updates later.

A few important notes:

  1. Use the same square cover art that your podcast currently shows on streaming platforms.
  2. When submitting your Estimated Reach images, remember that you can add multiple screenshots to the form at once to show your monthly reach on a per episode and overall basis.
  3. While adding your “Apple Podcast Link”, it’s important to enter the embed version of your link.

    Example: The Apple Podcast link for the Hosted Podcast is: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hosted/id1611194805

    To get the embed version of this link, simply add “embed.” after “https://” like this:

  4. Some hosts may have a better understanding of their Audience Attributes than others. Please make attribute selections to the best of your knowledge. This will help Wildcast connect you with the most relevant ad content for your podcast audience.


Once you’re finished, press save and you should see your show added to your “My Podcasts” Page. Repeat the process for any additional shows you’d like to register to your Wildcast account.

From the “My Podcast” Page, you can select “View Podcast Page” under each show you’ve added to check that all of your information has been added properly. Keep in mind – The “Avg. Monthly Audience” metric on your podcast page will display as 0 until Wildcast admins have reviewed your estimated reach documentation. 

Need more information about Podcast Attributes? Check out our Podcast Attributes Explained article below:

Podcast Attributes Explained

My Podcasts are added. Now What?

Once you’ve got your shows added, all you need to do is wait until an ad opportunity comes your way. Keep in mind, it could be some time until your first opportunity appears, as the Wildcast Platform is just starting out. Make sure to keep your podcast’s information up to date if anything changes.

You will receive an email notification from noreply@gowildcast.com as soon as a paid ad offer hits your account! Make sure you whitelist this address so it doesn’t end up in your spam inbox.

In the meantime, lets go over the other parts of your dashboard below.

The Podcaster Dashboard

The Podcaster Dashboard displays an aggregate of the most important information in your podcaster account. At first, these fields will appear empty as you wait for your first opportunities to come through. You’ll be able to see a quick overview of your all time earnings, pending tasks and total submissions made through Wildcast jobs.

Below the metric section, you’ll see the same “Outstanding Tasks” and “Available Opportunities” tables visible on the “Submissions” and “Opportunities” tabs respectively.

The Opportunities Tab

On the “Opportunities” Tab you’ll be able to view new ad placement offers for your podcasts. You’ll receive pertinent information about each offer, including its CPM value, that will help you determine whether or not you would like to accept the opportunity.

Once decided, you can accept or decline the opportunity through the right most actions on the table.

Want more info on how you can decide which offers you’d like to accept? Check out What To Look For in a Wildcast Job Offer. 

The Submissions Tab

Once you’ve accepted a job offer from your “Opportunities” Tab, You’ll see a new task populate here in your “Submissions” Tab.

This tab is where you’ll manage and keep track of all your current and past Wildcast job tasks.

The table contains valuable information such as task deadlines, ad content and more!

Need more info on how to complete a Wildcast job? Check out Completing Your First Wildcast Job.

Other Podcaster Resources

Now that you’ve gotten a quick rundown of your Podcaster dashboard, it’s time to get back to your show and focus on growth!

We’ve got plenty of helpful guides and tips for you to check out over at our Podcaster Resource Page.

The more you grow your podcast, the more value you’ll be able to bring in through advertising opportunities. Keep on working towards a better podcast overall, and focus on bringing the most value to your audience, we’ll handle the rest!

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