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Host: Brandy Whalen

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We are flipping the script, swapping seats, turning the tide here on Hosted. I get to exchange emails with podcast hosts all day every day because it’s my job. But rarely do I get an opportunity to chat about what a host’s favorite kitchen utensil is or their worst personality trait, and quite frankly I’m ready for hosts to sit in the hot seat for a change.

Just kidding, no hot seat here, just a good old-fashioned 1v1 to get to know what it is that makes a host put on those over-the-ear headphones, scoot in close to that mic and press record.

We will dive into topics like what makes a great podcast guest, unexpected podcasting outcomes, and how you make yourself stand out in a sea of audio. Now put in those AirPods, start folding some laundry, and listen to Hosted — a podcast spotlighting podcast hosts — so meta.

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