Wildcast Podcast Attributes

Everything you need to know to get your podcast listed.

Wildcast uses a variety of attributes specific to your show to match you up with advertising opportunities that will resonate most with your audience.

This resource page contains all the information you need to know to provide the most accurate attribute information to Wildcast. This will BOOST your ability to receive higher paying, more relevant ad opportunities for your podcast(s)!

Attribute Walkthrough

Below we’ve listed and explained every podcast attribute that you’ll need to submit your show on Wildcast. 

Keep in mind that you can always come back and change things after you’ve submitted!

Podcast Name – As Simple as it gets! Enter the name of your podcast as it appears on streaming platforms.

Host Name – Here you’ll want to list the main host of your show. If there are multiple hosts, just list one for now. 

Cover Art – This is the same square cover art that is displayed on streaming platforms for your show.

Show Notes – The description or “show notes” for your podcast.

Categories – On Apple Podcasts, you must select two categories that resonate with the subject matter of your show. Same here, except you can pick as many make sense for your show.

Preferred Ad Types – Wildcast will do its best to get you the types of ad opportunities you prefer. Host Read ads are read directly by the podcast host, while Pre-Recorded ads are files inserted directly into the podcast. No preference? Choose both!

Status – Simply put, the publishing status of your show. If your podcast is taking a break from recording, simply come here to set the show as inactive so you wont receive pointless offers. You can always switch back to active once you’re recording again!

Founded Date – How long has your show been on the air?

Ratings and Reviews (Apple Podcasts) – This is the number of ratings your show has received on Apple Podcasts. In the example below, Hosted has 153 Ratings.

Episode Cadence – How often do you publish new episodes of your podcast? Pick whichever option is the closest!

Average Episode Length – Just as it sounds. Typically, how long are your podcast episodes?

Language – What is the main language spoken on your podcast?

Estimated Reach – Here you’ll submit documentation from your hosting provider that helps to justify the monthly reach of your podcast. Please submit screenshots that display monthly reach / download numbers on a per episode and overall basis. 

The form accepts multiple image submissions at once! The more you provide, the more accurate we can be while providing you ad opportunities. Need more info about reach documentation? Check out our Reach Documentation Article below:

Podcast Links – Here you’ll submit all links to your podcast’s respective platforms. Be sure to include the full link, including “https://”. Pretty straightforward! 

*Apple Podcast Link Tip:

While adding your “Apple Podcast Link”, it’s important to enter the embed version of your link. 

Example: The Apple Podcast link for the Hosted Podcast is: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hosted/id1611194805

To get the embed version of this link, simply add “embed.” after “https://” like this:

Audience Attributes – Some hosts may have a better understanding of their Audience Attributes than others. Please make attribute selections to the best of your knowledge. This will help Wildcast connect you with the most relevant ad content for your podcast audience. Be sure to select all options that apply to your specific show!

Audience Demographics – The age and gender distributions of your podcast audience.

Target Industries – Typically, what industries resonate most with the topics discussed on your podcast?

Job Titles – To what levels of knowledge does your show speak to within the previously selected industries?

Education Levels – To what levels of experience does your show speak to within the previously selected industries?

Job Functions – What job activities would listeners of your show typically complete?

Household Income – On average, what income levels would you expect make up the bulk of your audience?

Investor Status – What levels of financial investment might your show speak to?

Geographical Relevance – How far does your show reach geographically?

Podcast and Audience attributes help the Wildcast team classify your show into specific advertising verticals to provide you with the best possible opportunities. Selecting options outside of your shows scope will not increase the cadence or value of the advertising offers you receive.

Wrapping up

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, submitting you podcast attribute information should be a breeze!

Hosts typically gain more information about their audience through social media platforms and audience polls, so be sure to leverage that information whenever possible to better inform your attribute decisions!

Feel free to reach out to Wildcast Support at any time for clarification. 

Let’s grow podcasting together!

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