$500 per referral

Affiliate Program from Kitcaster - Podcast Booking Agency

Offer for Wildcast Creators:

$500 paid to creators who’s referral results in new business. (Each and every time)

Today’s offer is from Kitcaster. Kitcaster is a podcast booking agency and a sister company of Wildcast now Kitcaster advertises on Wildcast, and some of you may have seen opportunities, but they also have an affiliate program, and the link below is a link to Kitcaster’s affiliate program. What they do is build you a landing page, and if you drive traffic to the page, they’ll pay you for prospects, everybody who fills out the form. And if the prospects end up closing and becoming new business for Kit Castor, they’ll pay you $500 anytime that happens. So feel free to take advantage of the offer by clicking the link below and filling out the form. Thanks.

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