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Launch your product or feature, for massive conversions, with your industries most recognized b2b influencers.

How it works



Your Echo begins on the first of the month and runs for seven days.



Choose the attributes of your ideal buyer audience. Including your industry vertical and ideal outcomes.



Select your creative and audience path. 


Launch Your Product
With Your Industries Top B2B Influencers

Turn podcast endorsements into powerful buying decisions.

Connect with influential creators who have the ear of powerful audiences.

Precision matters.

Wildcast implements AI backed contextual targeting technology to ensure that each show your brand works with is highly aligned with your goals. Target the listeners who matter most, fostering genuine connections and driving impactful results.

Host-read endorsements unlock the power of trusted voices.

Captivate decision-makers with authentic storytelling and drive action through compelling calls to action.

Host read podcast endorsements are the single highest performing spot type in digital audio advertising.

Your gateway to niche expertise.

Dive deep into targeted conversations and connect with audiences who share your specific interests and challenges.

Leverage highly niche podcast content to reach exactly who you’re looking for.



Representing tech, SaaS, and business audiences.

Avg Monthly Audience​


Segment your ideal customer.

Avg Relevance Score


Targeted for hard-to-reach buyers. 

No long term agreements.

Echo audience segments begin at $2,000.

By knowing your ideal customer demographics, industry, interests, and pain points, Wildcast can tailor your content and approach to resonate deeply, fostering stronger connections and driving desired outcomes.

Wildcast empowers you to create impactful messaging that resonates, and we begin with a clear direction of your ideal campaign outcomes. Leverage our platform to develop targeted ad copy, tailor scripts to specific podcast audiences, and equip hosts with the right information to deliver authentic and engaging endorsements.

Target High-Value Listeners: Wildcast goes beyond demographics. Leverage advanced targeting options to identify podcast listeners actively researching or considering purchases in your category. Find those with high buying intent and deliver your message directly to their ears, turning listeners into loyal customers.

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Grow your business with podcast endorsements that are tailored to your business.

Create a plan for your campaigns and make the most of your budget.

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