Campaign Attributes Explained

Everything you need to know to get your first Wildcast campaign off the ground.

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Attribute Deep Dive

Wildcast uses a wide variety of attribute details to match your campaign with the perfect podcast placements. Let’s take a look at each of those attribute fields in detail below:

Desired Outcomes – As it sounds, these are the most important results your company is looking to achieve through this specific campaign. These will help to inform Wildcast as to what success looks like for you as the advertiser.

Estimated Monthly Budget – Simply put, this is the monthly spend your company is looking to put in to this specific campaign. There are no commitments here, just a ballpark range. You’ll come to an agreement later with a Wildcast Representative.Β 

Kick Off Date – This is the date you would like your campaign to begin. Wildcast will do its best to accommodate your campaign within the specified timeframe.

Campaign Information – In this section you’ll provide your company name, the name you’d like your campaign to hold in the Wildcast system and the name of the product or service you’ll be advertising.

Offer Description – Here you’ll provide a brief description of the product, service or offer being advertised. Wildcast will consider this when matching your ad placement with prospective podcasts.

Preferred Ad Type – This field asks you to designate the type of advertisement that will be distributed through this campaign. Host-read ads provide talking points for the host to speak on as an endorsement or testimonial, while pre-recorded ads are inserted ad recordings provided by you, the advertiser.

Supporting Content PDF – Here you’ll provide a supporting document that gives the podcaster all the necessary information they’ll need to complete your ad placement. Wildcast provides PDF templates for both host-read and pre-recorded advertisements here. You may also consider booking a call with a Campaign Manager for help assembling ad content here. Supporting content is not necessary when submitting initial campaign inquiries.

Applicable Categories – Here you’ll select the podcast categories you believe are consistent with the types of audience interests your ad campaign would like to target.Β 

Audience Attributes – In this section you’ll designate some attributes of the audience you’d like to target through this campaign. Each option allows for multiple selection, so select all that apply!

Audience Demographics – The age and gender distributions of your target audience.

Target Industries – What industries does your product or service apply to or resonate with?

Job Titles – What level of career professional does your product or service target or apply to?

Education Levels – What level of education does your target demographic hold?

Job Functions – What job activities would would members of your target audience typically complete?

Household Income – On average, what income levels classify your target audience?

Investor Status – What levels of financial investment might your show speak to?

Geographical Relevance – How far does your show reach geographically?

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