Beginning Your Journey into Podcast Advertising

Begin reaching Niche podcast audiences through Wildcast

Your company has been trying to get into podcast advertising, but the inconsistent pricing, uncertain reach metrics and sheer volume of shows are putting a damper on your process.

Let’s solve all of those problems and more by getting you signed up for a free Wildcast account.

Creating An Advertiser Account

Signing up for Wildcast is free and easy. You’ll join a network of podcasters and advertisers focused on building and standardizing the podcast advertising market.

All you’ll need to sign up is:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Company Name
  3. An Email Address
  4. A Password


Once you’re ready, visit our Advertiser Sign Up Page to get started!

After verifying your email address, you'll be dropped in to a fresh advertiser dashboard within the Wildcast Platform. This is where you'll view and manage all of your Wildcast campaigns.

Creating Your First Campaign

Before we go over each aspect of your advertiser dashboard, let’s take a look at the new campaign builder. You’ll be able to submit  using the button at the top right of your screen.

You’ll be brought to the new campaign builder where you can designate information about the type of podcast advertising campaign you’d like to run.

We recommend filling out and submitting a new campaign to get an idea of the customization available to you as a Wildcast advertiser. Fields like supporting content are not required and can be finalized with a campaign manager at a later date!

There are no financial commitments at this stage of the process. We’ll review your selections to prepare a campaign proposal that is tailored to your company’s needs. 

For a detailed breakdown of Wildcast’s campaign attributes check out the link below:

Campaign Attributes Explained

The Advertiser Dashboard Tab

Once you’ve got your first set of campaign parameters filled out and submitted, let’s take a look at the rest of the dashboard.

Your main dashboard will appear as a clean slate when you first sign up, and metric data will begin populating as your first campaign gets underway.

The Dashboard page provides a brief campaign performance overview for your entire Wildcast account at a glance.

The Campaigns Tab

The Campaigns Tab is the go to area for campaign specific actions.

Select one or multiple campaigns to see aggregate statistics in the above metric section.

On the right side of the all campaigns table, click the magnifying glass to view the detail page for each campaign. Here you’ll have the ability to view all of the designated attributes for your campaign, and the podcasts offered to accept that ad’s distribution.

At the conclusion of each individual campaign, Wildcast will deliver a detailed campaign metrics package to the advertiser.

The Ad Placements Tab

The Ad Placements Tab is where you’ll have access to every instance of your ad’s placement on each podcast where it appears.

View a detail page for each Podcast that has participated in your campaigns. Scroll horizontally on the table to view each placements’ confirmed impression details, along with links to the specific episodes that contain your ad.

Wrapping up

Wildcast is focused on building and improving the podcast advertising industry with each additional update to our platform. Advertiser experience and metric availability will be imperative aspects to build upon as the company moves forward.

Our aim is to create a podcast advertising experience that is up to par with the rest of modern advertising, providing reliable analytics, focused targeting and standardized pricing.

Curious what it costs to advertise on your favorite podcast?

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